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The data is spread out among different people and entities. So, information for these types of numbers can be trickier to find.

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However, there are services that track down cell phone and other unlisted numbers if you really need to find one. Long answer: yes, but be careful. US privacy laws may get some overhaul in the wake of the GDPR implementation, so using the information you get with a reverse phone lookup could be even more restricted in the future. But what you do with that information could get you in hot water.

As I said earlier, reverse phone lookups for unlisted or cell phone numbers can be spotty. However, Google received so many requests to have numbers removed from their index that they shut down the Phonebook Operator in , making it much more challenging to do a reverse cell phone lookup today. Here are some tips to prepare you for doing a reverse phone lookup:. The original owner could have gotten a new phone number and never updated it on their Facebook page.

But social media matches are some of the most reliable ones you can get with an internet search. If you have additional information about the person, like a username or even a zip code, adding that to your reverse cell phone lookup could help turn up better results. Also, toss the phone number in some other search engines like Yahoo! Every search engine has its own search algorithm and web spiders.

There are other options. Although Google can turn up some information from social networks, using the search engine in the social networking apps themselves is better for scraping information. Searching niche social networking sites and old ones like MySpace is also a good thing to try. But there are still a lot of old profiles sitting around in there that people have forgotten.

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They might still have some information on their page. This method is especially effective if you have something like a username to add to your search criteria. There are search engines specifically for finding people. They just have search technology specifically designed for finding personal information.

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So, the reverse cell phone lookup may return information. There are services that provide reverse phone lookups and deliver verified information. These services scour the white and yellow pages.

These sources include:. Most of the time, you can get information from the yellow and white pages for free.

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If you get incorrect information from a free search, it could damage your company reputation and hurt your bottom line. Reverse phone lookup services are also ideal for businesses that need to get information for a lot of phone numbers. Doing your own searches for even a dozen phone numbers could take hours. Using a batch append service is the most efficient way to get information for large volumes of phone numbers.

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