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These scams have successfully extracted millions of dollars from Americans. Social security scams are especially dangerous to seniors and people on disability. Many of these folks are entirely dependent on their SSA income, so it causes great panic to hear they won't get their check as expected. This panic unfortunately leads to making payments or providing information to scammers. Remember -- the SSA doesn't call people to request money -- end of story. Any call you receive from the SSA requesting money or personal information is guaranteed to be a scam.

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What is an SSN Reverse Lookup?

Also keep on the look-out for automobile warranty "extensions". Secretaries of state who run the corporations could probably do this with a rule-change. Next thing will to be to "chip" our federal, state and local calls from the day they take their oath of office "support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. And perhaps the most dangerous domestic enemies are drum-roll please our government employees.

How To Search For People Using SSN

Another step is to enact a law that requires all lobbying groups to register their employees and vital information full corporate information, including names, addresses, photo ID , and of course, we should probably prohibit all foreign nationals--those who carry two or more passports--from serving in US government. I guess the correct term to use is "frenemies" with "that special relationship. Or, as the Nation of Islam put it in its trilogy on "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews: "The "secret relationship in the full glare of the sun is called "exploitation.

Social Security Number Search - How to Find People by Social Security Numbers

From Atlantic slave-trading, to Jim Crow and share-cropping, usury, alcohol, and today still participating in the suppression of African Americans, spying on the US, blackmailing congress into billions of money, military equipment, all manner of "off-shored" subcontracts.. Said it was SS and quoted the exact script that is listed in this article.

The call came up "Scam Likely" so I didn't answer but they left a message as detailed above. This man gave me an ID number and a case number and asked for my social security number.

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  7. I refused. He said I had to give him just the last 4 digits. He then said he was sending the cops to my house.

    How Cybercriminals Can Use Your Cell Phone Number to Steal Your Identity

    I told him to go ahead and send them and I hung up. Call from the same number I called it back His name was Mark Watson but he had an accent like an arab is number Said something about drugs and offshore accounts in my name coming out of Texas And the vin number for the car this is hilarious is TX The caller robot will leave a voicemail stating that the office of Social Security Administration has an urgent need for a return call due to an issue with your Social Security Number.

    The caller robot will ask that you call in order to resolve the issue. Postal Service first-class mail. I have been a victim of past scam calls like this, but, you never know nowadays Criminal Records. Public Records. Driving Records. Court Records. Credit Records.

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