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She comes into his area of the house uninvited and he turns on the video camera on his phone and surreptitiously places it where it can see everything. He asks her to leave him alone and she pushes him and tells him she intends to get his childhood baseball card collection out of the attic and burn one card each day he remains in the home.

He is not at risk of a charge of disorderly conduct. Husband learns wife has extra cash and suspects she's doing something illegal. He turns on his phone's video camera and drops it in his shirt pocket. He confronts wife who admits she's reconnected with a high school flame who got her back into old habits and she's been dealing drugs on the side. That recorded conversation is NOT good evidence and the husband has probably violated the eavesdropping law.

It was made surreptitiously but, although wife admitted to committing a crime, husband did not reasonably suspect a crime was about to be or had been committed against him or someone in his household. If she calls the cops and they find the recording, he may face a disorderly conduct charge. You're invited to your neighbor's holiday party, start recording, and the neighbor asks you to stop. Disorderly conduct. You're not invited to your neighbor's holiday party and, hurt, you hide in the bushes recording what goes on in the home.

Spouse calls the cops. You show them the video. You face disorderly conduct. You argue with your gangster neighbor. He invites his "friends" to his house for a get-together. You reasonably suspect they intend to harm you and your family. Thanks to the exception-to-the-exception-to-the-exception above , however, you're in the clear.

Proof can be difficult, however, as an accused wiretapper has defenses at his disposal.

Most commonly, a wiretapper will keep the recordings and not turn them over. Without recordings, it's virtually impossible to prove the illegal wiretap. If ordered by a court to turn over the recordings, the wiretapper need not obey as, to do so, would be tantamount to compelling a party to give evidence against himself and a violation of the wiretapper's Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate himself. Dec 4th Dist. Beyond the civil liabilities, hacking is a crime.

Consider the case of Michael Brummit and Barbara Janisch. They had been divorced for a decade and were in a fight over child support. Barbara accessed Michael's e-mail and sent him romantic missives from "Misty.

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When the local sheriff's office looked into it, it wasn't hard to figure out that "Misty" was really Barbara Janisch. She was convicted and sentenced to pay a fine and perform community service. One thing they think of is attaching a tracking device to their spouse's car. It's possible to track a family car and not run afoul of the law.

The law says:. That law is so thick and convoluted and interwoven with exceptions and exceptions-to-exceptions that I will not go into it much, here. Two cases are worth knowing, however. Grant , 22 F. Lynn Scheib and James Grosse divorced in Illinois in Lynn was awarded custody. In Lynn told James she would remarry and move to Pennsylvania with the child. James called his lawyers, Burton and Joan Grant.

An agreement was reached in principle that would allow Lynn to take the child to Pennsylvania and James would have extended parenting time for holidays and the summer. It was summer when the agreement was reached so Lynn moved away and the child stayed with James until the end of summer and a date was scheduled for the court to approve the agreement.

What is the bond for a Class A Misdemeanor in Illinois? There is not one specific amount bond price for a Class A Misdemeanor in Illinois. Will a Class A Misdemeanor in Illinois cause me to lose my concealed carry permit in another state? This would really depend on the laws of the state where your conceal carry permit is held. Since there is no federal concealed carry law, each state has their own rules and regulations.

Remember, an arrest does not mean a conviction and there are a lot of ways that a capable lawyer can help you avoid being convicted of a Class A Misdemeanor in Illinois. Will a Class A Misdemeanor stay on your record in Illinois?

He's been suspended from the practice of law.

Yes, a Class A Misdemeanor will stay on your record in Illinois. There are other sentencing mechanisms like probation available for the judge in your case to use as well. A Class A Misdemeanor is the most serious misdemeanor charge in Illinois and a conviction will be present on your criminal record for the rest of your life.

What is the bond for a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois? Some bonds are set by rule of the court, which means a bond amount will be assessed automatically without needing to appear before a judge.

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Yes, a Class A Misdemeanor will stay on your record in Illinois if you are convicted and the judge did not use a sentencing mechanism that allowed for the charge to disappear with good behavior after a certain period. Some common crimes that fall within the Class B Misdemeanor classification in Illinois are: aggravated speeding, altering or defacing a serial number on machinery, criminal trespass to land, computer tampering, harassment by telephone, littering, obstruction of service process, picketing a residence, simulating a legal process, possession of marijuana more than 2.

The penalty for a Class B Misdemeanor will vary based on your case and is determined by the judge. The judge can also use a combination of other sentencing mechanisms such as court supervision, conditional discharge or probation for punishment in a Class B Misdemeanor case. But, this is time-consuming, frustrating, and there is no guarantee you end up with a satisfying meal.

Take this analogy and apply it to your court case. How long for a Class B Misdemeanor to get off your record in Illinois? Unfortunately, a criminal conviction is with you for life. There are some expungement options available for those in Illinois, but they are limited. The best way to get a Class B Misdemeanor off your record is to prevent it in the first place with the assistance of an experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer. A Class B Misdemeanor in Illinois is the middle-tier misdemeanor between A and C, and carries the second most severe punishment within the misdemeanor classification.

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There are a range of crimes that fall within this classification, which we have outlined in detail above. What is the effect of a Class B Misdemeanor in Illinois? The effect of a Class B Misdemeanor in Illinois can be minimal to devastating depending on your situation. For starters, you will be dealing with a criminal record for the rest of your life if convicted. Illinois only has a few situations where expungement of criminal records is possible.

Unless the judge applies a penalty that does not count as a conviction, the Class B Misdemeanor would show up on all future criminal background checks. Depending on your sentence, there could be a range of consequences that affect your job, relationships, and family. For instance, if you are sentenced to an extended period of jail, you may not be able to keep your job. The conviction may also put strain on family or romantic relationships and remove you from your day-to-day life. From a financial point of view, you may be ordered to pay fines or restitution depending on your case.

There are also typically court costs involved with your case. In addition to a lawyer, these costs can begin to add up quickly. If you are convicted for this crime, it will appear on your permanent criminal record. The good news is that judges and prosecutors are fairly lenient when it comes to initial alcohol possession crimes, particularly with regards to minors or those under The effects of a Class B Misdemeanor in Illinois will depend on a number of factors including the type of crime in question and the quality of counsel you have obtained.

Depending on the type of crime, your judge will administer a punishment that they feel serves justice in the case. This could affect your work life, personal life, relationships and general sense of serenity. A conviction will stay with you for the rest of your life. Although there have been changes in Illinois law, which makes it harder for employers to discriminate against those with criminal records in job selection, it is still an issue that will likely come up.

Some common crimes that fall within the Class C Misdemeanor classification in Illinois are: assault, disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana less than 2.

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The penalty for a Class C Misdemeanor will vary based on your case and is determined by the judge.