Marine corps vehicle inspection check list

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Leidos employee Mike Parks featured in Running Anthropologist podcast. You're feeling for play in the tie rod ends, which keep the car pointed in the direction the driver wants it to go.

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If you hear clunking, you'll know it's time to replace some parts. There should be no play. If there is, ball joints or suspension bushings, which affect the car's handling and stability, are the likely culprits and will need to be replaced.

The Essential Military Premarital Checklist

With all four wheels on the ground, press down sharply on each corner of the vehicle. It should bounce once, but that's about it. If it oscillates up and down a few times, you probably need new shock absorbers. If so, better check all those fuel lines. Rubber hoses can develop cracks over time, and in some parts of the country, steel lines rust through. The last thing you need is a fuel leak, which can quickly transform your morning commute from a period of quiet reflection into a skin-searing inferno.

The Essential Military Premarital Checklist

Make sure there's no dry rotting or other cracks, which can cause blow-outs. Check the wheels for excessive corrosion, and replace wheels that have been damaged by rough road conditions. Even if you screw an old doorbell button next to the steering wheel and use an old "La Cucaracha" air horn, you have to have some way of alerting other drivers about potential trouble.

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  • The Essential Military Premarital Checklist?

I've driven a car with no horn, and it's a lot like running through a crowd of iPhone-absorbed dump truck drivers without being able to scream in terror as a matter of fact, that's exactly what it's like. All of the windows should work, but especially the driver's side window.

Tips on How to Pass State Inspection

You should be able to open doors with inside and outside handles, and they should stay closed while the vehicle is underway. If you've ever driven in a car without these things on a rainy day, you'll know why. You can't see a thing.

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That pea-sized hole near your manifold might sound cool for a couple of days, anyway , but it can also cause poisonous carbon monoxide to leak into the passenger compartment. Once you've ingested enough of this stuff, you may live for a short time, but the carbon monoxide molecules will have destroyed the capacity of your lungs to process oxygen and you will soon die with a red face.

Make sure the seatbelts aren't frayed or otherwise damaged. The airbag system lights SRS should not stay on after startup, and you should check airbag locations for any damage.