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Recalls are issued by VIN may not apply to every vehicle manufactured within a model year. There are multiple factors that determine if your vehicle is included in a given recall. For example, your vehicle could have been manufactured at a different time, in a different manufacturing facility or using different parts than those involved in the recalls.

Chevrolet provides information on this website for recalls announced on or after If you have any concerns around a vehicle manufactured prior to please contact your nearest dealership directly. It appears that we are unable to process the VIN because 1 it is either not a valid Chevrolet VIN or 2 it is associated with a vehicle that's older than model year Please contact your local dealer to determine if there are any outstanding recalls on your vehicle. It is recommended that you contact your preferred dealership and discuss your concerns with them directly. All Chevrolet dealers have access to the listing of vehicles affected by recalls.

Dealers also have the correct repair methods, equipment and genuine parts required to effectively complete the repairs. If, after contacting your preferred Chevrolet dealer, your concerns are unresolved, please contact our Customer Care Centre for further assistance on:. Alternatively, please send an email include your VIN Number to customercare support. If your concerns are still unresolved after contacting your preferred Chevrolet Dealer, please contact our Customer Care Centre for further assistance on:. Search Search. Vehicles Complete Care.

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What does a vehicle recall mean to you? How can I tell if my vehicle has been involved in a recall? If I haven't received a recall letter in the mail, is there still a possibility that my vehicle has been involved in a recall? Are there any Chevrolet vehicles not covered on this site? How do I interpret the numbers next to my red icon?

Shows the VIN number you entered, for verification. Lists out your recall reference number s for your vehicle Indicates the date the Recall Check database was last updated.

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I have a yellow icon, what should I do? I still have questions, who should I contact? If, after contacting your preferred Chevrolet dealer, your concerns are unresolved, please contact our Customer Care Centre for further assistance on: or dialling out of South Africa Select Chevrolet, Opel or Isuzu, then select option 2 for Customer Care Mon — Fri am — pm Alternatively, please send an email include your VIN Number to customercare support.

Where can I find more information about Chevrolet recalls? Privacy Statement. So you just bought the Chevy truck of your dreams, and now you want to know just exactly what you own?

With a VIN, and the information it provides, you can determine your truck's pertinent information -- which will help you to better order parts, register it, find a lost title and a lot of other things. Barry, who was our "first contact" with the Stovebolt world, has put together a great bit of useful information here. If you were fortunate enough to have a good title for your new purchase, great!

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But while most states titled vehicles by the VIN, some states titled by the engine serial number found stamped in the block to the left of the distributor , which doesn't have much to do with the body serial number. As most old trucks have had the engine replaced once or twice, your title may not match your engine if it has been replaced and your title uses an engine number. Also, some states titled vehicles by the year they were sold , and not the model year. Since production usually started in September of the year preceding the model year, you may see a title for what you would call a truck, but it says on the title.

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This can happen easily if it was sold in the last part of , but was really a truck. Some states called the truck a '38 then, since it was sold in ' I've seen this happen up into the early '50's. You may also see one that was a slow mover and got sold a year after it was made, and titled as such.

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So if you look at the number listed on your title and it doesn't make sense when checked against the tables below, it may mean that the listing is actually the engine number. So you'll still need the VIN.

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All trucks should have a body serial number tag on them somewhere with the serial number and gross vehicle weight GVW on it. For the years , it should be found on the right side of the cowl, under the hood. Advance-Design and later trucks should have a plate located on the left front door post. The GVW is stamped as 46 hundred pounds on the s trucks. Don't confuse this as being the year of the truck. The serial number is not stamped on the frame of s, s, and early s trucks.

It may be on the frame of late s trucks near the steering box. Many of these plates were just screwed on from the factory not riveted in the older trucks , and sometimes have been removed.

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  • Reproduction blank plates are sometimes available to replace lost or damaged plates. You have to stamp your own numbers on them.