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System Administration within the past twelve 12 months, if there is not a break in service of more than six 6 months and the criminal background check relied on is appropriate for the position sought. Any or all of the following background check sources may be used, as appropriate, on applicants for employment:.

System Administration has not previously obtained a criminal background check; and. Any or all of the following background check sources may be used, as appropriate, on current employees:. System Administration will comply with such laws. System Administration requires that a criminal background check be performed on individuals or employees of companies or entities contracted by U.

System Administration, when these individuals or employees will perform duties or services on the premises of the University of Texas System Administration Complex in Austin.

Background checks: What can companies access about me?

Additionally, a provision requiring criminal background checks will be included in U. System Administration contracts unless the U. System Administration official over the office requesting the contract, in consultation with the Office of General Counsel, determines that it is not required after taking into account the nature of the services to be provided by the contractor i. System Administration generally requires the contractor to perform the criminal background check. System Administration include a statement that the position is security sensitive and the employer is authorized to obtain a criminal background check including criminal history record information.

The hiring official is responsible for directing the individual to complete, sign, and deliver the form to OES. An applicant who fails to complete, sign, and submit the form will be removed from further consideration for the position. In addition, if the applicant is a current employee, such refusal is grounds for disciplinary action. However, if circumstances require that an offer of employment be made before the completion of the criminal background check, the offer must be in writing and contain a statement that the offer is contingent on the completion of a satisfactory criminal background investigation.

The TxDPS secure site will not be used for these checks. OES will determine a procedure to identify the current U. System Administration employees for whom a criminal background check has not previously been obtained and provide such information to ODOP. System Administration may conduct a public site search without an employee's consent. No form is required to be completed by an employee prior to conducting a public records search, including a public search on the TxDPS public site.

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An employee's refusal to comply is grounds for disciplinary action. In the event the investigation reveals criminal record information, the hiring official, in consultation with OES and ODOP, will determine on a case-by-case basis whether the individual is qualified based on factors such as:. System will not hire, continue to employ, appoint or assign an individual if information is obtained that the individual has been convicted or placed on deferred adjudication for an offense that would require:.

If no such risk level is assigned, then the risk level cannot exceed a low risk as determined by the Director of Police. System Administration has used a third-party vendor credit reporting agency to conduct criminal record checks, the resulting report is considered a "consumer report" under the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA. Background Screening Companies Some businesses conduct background checks for other employers. Public Records A considerable amount of information about job applicants is public record, and therefore it is available to employers and anyone else.

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Consumer Protection. Auto Dealer Fraud. Credit Card Fraud. Deceptive Health Care Practices. False Advertising. Investment Fraud. Lemon Law. Mortgage Fraud. Undisclosed Fees. Unwanted Telemarketing. Credit Reporting.

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Student Loans. Consumer Rights Law -. Breach of Warranty. Bankrupt Businesses. Elder Consumer Rights. Employment Background Checks. Some state and local laws restrict the reporting of non-convictions and pending cases altogether. Additionally, depending on the package selected, employers or volunteer organizations can restrict criminal searches to a certain time period while other employers do not set restrictions of the age of records they want to see on the report.

Candidates should contact their prospective employer or volunteer organization with additional questions regarding the specific searches being completed for their particular background check. What does that mean? The letter is a communication sent by Asurint via email or mail upon the first reporting of public record information on the background report. Does my employer need to share the results of my background check with me?

The pre-adverse action letter will include the specific amount of time the employer or volunteer organization will wait before making a final decision. If their decision becomes final after that time period, you will receive a final adverse action letter. Although the pre-adverse or adverse action letters may be sent by Asurint, Asurint is not responsible for or involved in the hiring process. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA , you are entitled to initiate a dispute if you are concerned about the accuracy or completeness of information contained in your consumer report.

Asurint is obligated to conduct a reinvestigation, at no charge to you, once a dispute is filed. Upon receipt of the dispute, your prospective employer or volunteer organization is notified via email that a reinvestigation has been opened. Box Cleveland, OH There are no required forms that need to be filled out in order to initiate a dispute; however, relevant information such as full name, order ID, company applied to, and the nature of your dispute will help our Compliance team resolve the dispute as quickly as possible for you.

You may provide supporting documentation i. We will take into consideration any documentation you provide.

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How long will the reinvestigation process take? While the FCRA requires the reinvestigation process be completed within 30 days, disputes can often be resolved within business days. Once the reinvestigation is completed, your prospective employer or volunteer organization will be notified via email. You will also be contacted either by standard mail or email, depending on your delivery preference, and will be provided with a copy of your report with any necessary revisions along with a reinvestigation letter that outlines the outcome of our reinvestigation.

Asurint reports records based on applicable local, state and federal laws. This includes, but is not limited to, arrests or dismissed cases older than seven years. A record may not be on the background check because it is not legally reportable, it was not found in the jurisdictions searched or was removed based on client requirements.

How do I request a free copy of my background report? If Asurint has prepared a consumer report for you, you are entitled to a free copy of the report.