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If you customized the theme, use the value that matches the theme you used for customization. The mechanism that the Authentication Proxy should use to perform primary authentication. This should correspond with the "client" section you created earlier.

This parameter is optional if you only have one "client" section. If you have multiple, each "server" section should specify which "client" to use. Next, you need to set up the Authentication Proxy to work with Citrix Receiver. A completed config file, using Active Directory as the primary authenticator, should look something like:. Note View video guides for proxy deployment at the Authentication Proxy Overview or see the Authentication Proxy Reference Guide for additional configuration options.

Alternatively, open the Windows Services console services. If the service starts successfully, Authentication Proxy service output is written to the authproxy. If you see an error saying that the "service could not be started", open the Application Event Viewer and look for an Error from the source "DuoAuthProxy".

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The traceback may include a "ConfigError" that can help you find the source of the issue. Stop and restart the Authentication Proxy service by either clicking the Restart Service button in the Windows Services console or issuing these commands from an Administrator command prompt:. Authentication Proxy service output is written to the authproxy. If you modify your authproxy.

Netscaler cannot resolve CNAMEs : Citrix

Before starting, check your Citrix Gateway web portal theme. Learn more about customizing the Citrix Gateway User Portal. When creating your Citrix Gateway custom theme, use one of these built-in themes as the base for your customizations. Set the Priority under "Binding Details" to and click Bind. When the Server and Expression information is correct click Create to save the new CitrixReceiver policy and return to the "Choose Type" page. Verify that your new policies for Receiver and browser clients are both listed and are bound in the correct order.

Click Close to save the new policy configuration.

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Remove any other non-Duo primary authentication policies or increase the priority value so the NetScaler invokes Duo policies first and click Done. To test your setup with Citrix Receiver, attempt to log in to your newly-configured system. When you enter your username and password, you will receive an automatic push or phone callback.

Alternatively you can add a comma "," to the end of your password, followed by a Duo passcode. For example, given a username 'bob', with password 'password' and a Duo passcode '', you would enter:. In addition, you may also enter the name of an out-of-band factor in lieu of a passcode. You may choose from the following factor names:. Returning to the previous example, if you wanted to use Duo Push rather than a passcode to authenticate, you would enter:.

You can also specify a number after the factor name if you have more than one device enrolled.

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  • So you can enter phone2 or push2 if you have two phones enrolled. Troubleshooting Need some help?

    Citrix NetScaler Gateway Portal Customization

    For further assistance, contact Support. Duo Security is now a part of Cisco About Cisco. Feedback Was this page helpful? Let us know how we can make it better. Note that the actual filename will reflect the version e.

    Launch the Authentication Proxy installer on the target Windows server as a user with administrator rights and follow the on-screen prompts. Citrix Gateway On the next "Choose Type" screen, click the Add Binding button. Save all of the changes made to the running config. Log in to the Citrix NetScaler administrative interface. Log in to the Citrix Gateway administrative interface.

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    Default: Default: false. Requires Authentication Proxy v3. Your API hostname i. Either safe or secure : failmode Description safe. I am getting the "percent of ip address lookup failure is high" and I have disabled the L3 mode as suggested from citrix forum but it does not make any difference. So, is this just a case of something is throwing data at your Netscaler eg as a default gateway , but the destination IP doesn't belong to the Netscaler and if L3 mode were enabled, it would therefore try to route it?

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    Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. Learn more. Follow, to receive updates on this topic. Percent of ip lookup failure is very high Asked by phanicll. Posted August 30,