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Index to Nelson Photo News marriages Roman Catholic local marriages and baptisms indexed from Presbyterian archives for the Nelson Marlborough Presbytery include marriage and baptism records from a number of parishes from Lutheran baptisms , marriages , deaths Church of Christ Spring Grove marriages Church of Christ, Nelson marriages, - Visit your state archives facility. If the person died in the United States, you probably can find death notices and additional information by researching at the state archives.

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Keep in mind these facilities typically are located in the state's capital. However, if you're unable to travel to that city to review the documents in person, you may be able to request them through the library of a local university or historical society. Research at a National Archives records center.

The National Archives has a network of research facilities across the country that have federal records and other resources available.

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For example, ancestry. The directory lists the address of each facility along with the particular services offered there.

If you're looking for the death notice of a person who was in the military, or who died overseas, you can most likely find something in the National Archives. Method 3.

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Determine whether you need a certified or informational copy. Although most states make informational copies of death certificates available to anyone who asks, certified copies typically are restricted to close family members of the deceased. The death certificate typically is prepared by the funeral home or other individual or organization in charge of the person's remains. In addition to the date, time, place, and cause of death, the death certificate includes information such as the person's full name and address, his or her birth date and birthplace, and the name and birthplace of the person's mother and father.

If you are unrelated to the person for whom you're seeking a death certificate, you may only be able to get a redacted informational certificate — particularly if the death was fairly recent. These copies typically are required for functions involved with the person's estate, such as transferring property or claiming death benefits.

Contact the appropriate state or county vital records department. Death certificates generally are kept in the state or county where the person died. If the death occurred recently, the record may not yet be at the state vital records department, so you would need to go to the county. However, if it's been a year or longer you probably can find the certificate filed with the state. For example, Minnesota began keeping death records at the state level in For earlier death records you would have to contact the office in the county where the death occurred.

Fill out a request form. Most states have a particular form you must fill out to request either a certified or informational copy of the death certificate. If you're requesting a certified copy, you usually must be related to the person as defined by state law. In most states, certified copies are available for parents, children, and siblings of the deceased.

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Staff at the vital records office will tell you if this is required, or you may simply look on the form to see if there is a place for the form to be notarized. You also may be required to submit documentation of your relationship to the deceased or your stated interest in the estate.

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File your request form. Once you've completed your request form, you must file it with the state or county vital records office where you believe the death certificate to be located. You must pay a fee for each copy of the death certificate. Receive the death certificate you requested. If you filed your request in person, you may be able to get the death certificate that day. If you mailed in your request or filed it online, expect several weeks of processing time before your copy is delivered.

Some vital records offices may have expedited processing available for an additional fee. You can ask at the vital records office if this service is available, or check the state vital records website. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

Tips Although the National Archives does not contain any official death records, since those are maintained by state and county vital records offices, the website does have online research tools that can provide assistance for genealogists, historians, and casual researchers.


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