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The only job offer I received in 9 years of looking is Chipole Mexican Grille. That is it. They also promote them to management.

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Costco in my border state in the Southwest would not hire me. None of the big box stores. This state where I live despises felons. They do hire ex felons cause my niece workedvat McDonalds as a kitchen manager. Now she works at Subway as a kitchen manager. So it may be due to the charge. Always never hurtd to ask them about that. The only stupid questions are the ones not asked. Amazon do not hire felons for Amazon Flex.

They lie and said if your conviction is over 10 years your fine. If your conviction is over ten years you should file as the court to get your convictions expunged or sealed so it can no longer be pulled up in your record. Good luck. And I was 18 when charge came and had no other record of felony or misdemeanor. The COE was very kind and allowed me to be hired after personally meeting with me and telling me that an expunged record can be seen by certain companies. Some companies request searches that go back farther than 10 years… some ask for 99 year searches this is what I do for a living.

The criminal searches are not equal across the board. Kelly may you tell me more about how jobs work on if you have a criminal record on theft and you only did it once. Such as what are the best places to apply at? I just want to know what I would be getting into before actually trying to apply for the job..

Amazon hires felons. Almost every company will hire felons. No one will give me a job. I have been applying all over. Felony prohibits me from working, and I have a good work history. Just got out of prison and society has black labeled me.

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Not sure what to do. Your information seems truthful, but not accurate. There are about 2. Try the trades. Contact your local community college and see what kind of trade programs are available that might interest you. Good Luck. Promise you that T-Mobile does not hire felons. In fact, they redo background checks every 2 years now. My husband has DUIs like 4 and 2 felonies. He has found success working at animal hospitals as a kennel tech. Or at pet stores some do sales where you make commission.

My son is 48 yrs. Have your Son contact the local community college and see what kind of trade programs are available to train for. Maybe even have an apprentice program that will pay him to learn.

I have a felony dui and I work in a high finance role. You have to keep applying. Play the numbers game. Also, stop pitying yourself and start making yourself more attractive to employers. I became active in my community. I took every opportunity to volunteer.

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It helps the soul too. Can u tell me about ur high finance. I would like to become an income tax accountant S. You might be right in a sense. But it depends on what state you live in. My border state in the Southwest despises felons. After many failed attempts to get a better job just to make ends meet..

I am out of options. I do currently have a job.. It was mentioned to starr a business if one has a hard time.. I really need a job thatI allows me to work from home. If I was hired to a job that new I had misdemeanors and worked for them through a temporary service which also new of my background cause they also do background checks.

Consequences of a Felony Conviction REgarding Employment

Got hired on to the company then after working with the company over a month was let go do to my record. Is that cause for them to let me go? Does anyone know if it is possible for a sex offender to become a licensed electrician or licensed in any of the skilled trades. Having trouble looking up this information.

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I believe there are no restrictions as far as your criminal background and getting licensed. Also you should call local licensing board or agency in charge. When I was getting my CSL construction supervisor license there were no background checks done in the process. It depends on the state where you live. My border state in the Southwest will NOT hire felons.

Jobs for Felons in Florida

Properly licensed convicted felons may hunt with bows, crossbows and airguns during hunting seasons when such devices are legal. A general restoration of civil rights does not include the restoration of the right to own, possess or use a firearm.

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In order to restore firearm authority, an application is required and there is a waiting period of eight years from the date sentence expired or supervision terminated. For more information on the clemency process and eligibility requirements, go to the Florida Parole Commission Web site.

Some people are lucky enough to have family and friends who will give them a place to live.