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I generally lean towards accidental death in this case, but if he was intentionally trying to hide his remains, that could explain the cellphone being found.

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He might have dropped it on purpose and then traveled out of the area to obfuscate his trail. I agree with the author of the post that it's very unlikely he faked his own death. I think Option 1 is the sad, unfortunate reality. He could've been killed, but I wonder how someone knew he was there, or knew where the cave was, wouldn't they need exact coordinates? If he was killed, I assume they would've found blood at the scene. It's more likely that if it was that situation, he was kidnapped and his phone fell from his pocket, and the killer drove off to dispose of him secretly.

If he accidentally killed himself, I wonder where then. Perhaps deep in the cave he was exploring? If he knew the area and went there before, I doubt he would get lost. Doesn't explain the phone thing though, but your theory about the phone may be right. The vast American wilderness is not to be messed with. I was just in the Rocky Mountains and would not want to be out there unprepared. I always had the feeling he wanted to make a "legend" out of himself. So he created the whole M Cave thing and either committed suicide or left on his own and disappeared. From what I've read he was depressed and somewhat desperate judging from the video where he was going to sell his house with him included as a bonus.

He also seemed like he was somewhat of a braggart about handling snakes, going hiking in desolate areas without a compass, etc. He strikes me as the kind of guy who would take great pleasure in knowing people would be talking about him and his M Cave after he disappeared.

I honestly believe the M cave is a red herring. I believe he got lost while hiking one time and unfortunately died from exposure. Really sad case he seemed like a sweet guy from his videos. So I did a little research myself and I firmly believe he found a place very difficult to find and committed suicide. This YouTube comment from his girlfriend about a year ago is pretty telling, it may not be as cool or mysterious of an answer but it seems pretty obvious to me.

He left at 6 am, for his about 1 hr drive, to where he would park to start his hike.

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With all that I have put together from conversations and where he was in his life I believe he took his own life. I could see his depression increase due to money issues. He had quit his job of 17 years about 14 months before he disappeared and was living on his retirement money. He was running out of money, had not created the money he hoped to with doing a business on his own.

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He did open up and talk with me about his suicidal thoughts he had had for years. As he said for most of his life. His father committed suicide with a gun when Kenny was in his early 20's. I don't know if Kenny left in the morning with this intent or if the decision was made after he was on his hike. I was with Search and Rescuer when they got the OK from the police to search his house.

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His gun was not there so we know that he took his gun with him. He always took it on our camping trips and usually took it on long desert hikes. What I found odd is that his video camera was left behind but his regular camera was not found in his home so we figured he took this photo camera. Adapted from a series of lectures.

Here Ashbery holds forth, with typical erudition but also a relatively relaxed timbre, on idiosyncratic poets who exercised some influence on Ashbery's sensibility if not his actual practice. I'm slightly ashamed that it took me so long to get to this spectacular piece of cultural history and criticism, a book that among other things did a spectacular job of explaining my own audio sensibility to me. The very excellent critic and person Dan's debut novel is a lovely and pointed memory play that is also very funny and pretty dirty.

I was motivated to return to Stevenson for the first time since childhood and was rather glad I did. Volume five isn't close to finished yet, so I feel I've got a leg up. I intend to tackle both two and three next year.

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Mentioned in the Ashbery, a nifty collection that arguably doesn't always strictly hew to Moore's definition of "pure," but that's part of the fun. I read this frustrating book because I was reviewing it, for Film Comment. Nobody writes about the weird tendrils of American life like my hero and pal, and Girlfriend Experience co-cast member Mark. This investigative semi-biography of conspiracy theorist William Cooper is startling, frightening, funny, odd, and strikingly compassionate.

A must. The late, great Mathews' final novel is also an exemplary work, a nesting-doll narrative in the fine Oulipean tradition. Because of the frank and disparaging tidbits on the back of the dust jacket, I had this pegged as the silent-movie-actress version of Miles Davis' autobiography, and it kind of is. But it's also strikingly different, not only because she doesn't call anyone a "motherfucker.

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Weinman, with whom I'm friendly, is an indefatigable and endlessly curious researcher, and a searching, authoritative writer. This book goes into great detail on a real-life kidnapping case that Humbert himself cites in his Nabokov-contrived "memoir. I think she's a little too hard on Nabokov but also that she asks a lot of the right questions of him, and of readers. More harrowing than any of its film adaptations for sure. The Scottish-inflected dialogue rewards, nay, demands close reading. Inspector Gamache meets Blue Murder at St.

Well, not really. One of Penny's better contrivances, served up with the usual self-seriousness, which she somehow makes a little more palatable here.

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The incredibly long-awaited second volume of Giddins' Crosby biography brought me more of that old unalloyed pleasure than, I think, any other book I read this year. He doesn't soft-sell Crosby's domestic failings but instead examines them with a clear-headed perspective and context. And his depictions of the singer's incredible generosity as both a home-front entertainer and ambassador to the troops in Europe, and how "White Christmas" became THE army anthem of homesickness before it became THE Christmas song are fascinating. It also got me listening to old Crosby records again, never a bad thing.

I anticipated getting the new Kingdom of the Blind as a Christmas present so I wanted to be all caught up on the Gamache series. Well, I did not get Kingdom of the Blind as a Christmas present. I never got into Perry Mason no reason but thought I'd check this out on a whim also to read some unselfconscious genre fluff after the Penny, who could stand to be a little fluffier TBH and was moderately satisfied. Solid construction, snappy dialogue, lotsa old-school sexism, no fancy stuff.

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Put a stack of them in front of me and I could probably consume them like peanuts, which might wind up being to my spiritual detriment somehow. A terrifically cogent account of not just the suit that determined where a substantial portion of Kafka's archives would be housed, but of the various betrayals that made Kafka the giant of literature he is today.

A paradoxical tragedy that Balint wisely chooses to contemplate with a scholarly sobriety. Second go-round with this, in a different translation than first time. He's good. Against seemingly insurmountable odds that I couldn't actually name; I'm just trying to be "zippy" here turned out to be a great year for movies.