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For businesses whose livelihood depends on local foot traffic to support their brick and mortar stores, this change and re-emphasis on local searches has the possibility to attract an unprecedented number of new customers to that business.

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They are finding that with the right tools, they can access entirely new portions of the market to drive customers to their stores. While Google Local searches happen automatically for Google searchers, small businesses looking for their stores to be incorporated into Google Local search results must submit their websites to Google Local.

Which Search Engines Log IP Addresses & Cookies — And Why Care?

The process is as simple as logging on to local. One of the benefits of a Google Local listing is that more than just your url is included, businesses can also include their hours of operation, contact information, payment options and a brief description of the services they offer.

Businesses can also categorise their services allowing any potential customers searching for services to find them easily. Another benefit of signing up for Google Plus Local is that your web page will also show up on Google Maps. Thanks to this new mobile access, Google Maps has become the Yellow and White pages of the future. Businesses that have their hours, phone number and payment options available at the tap of a screen are often preferable to those businesses whose information is more obscure and harder to find. In highly competitive markets this leg up can be crucial.

Businesses that choose to leave themselves out of these searches do so at their own peril. Google is such a large, centralised player in the World Wide Web that it is shifting the entire focus of the web to become more localised.

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  7. Thanks so much for the insight everyone! I knew I wasn't imagining things, haha! Searching for Google review Stations, it looks like it's still mentioned here in this help article at the bottom: Create a link for customers to write reviews - Google My Business Help It could be that the page was just not updated though.

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    As Garrett pointed out, that wording is now missing form the review policies - but the "not limited to" leaves it open ended. JimFranco said:. Joined Jul 18, Messages 3, Hey Cherie, I just wanted to jump in because I asked Google a while about this since it's not listed in their guidelines specifically but is listed on that random page you referenced.

    It's definitely still a policy and something they act on. I find that reviews from the same IP are often filtered out and don't even stick anymore on Google. Thanks so much Joy! I'll pass it along. The problem is that a few of his competitors have TONS more Google reviews and they look very fraudulent. Most of them just give stars, or add one line "about the service" or have fake pics and not many reviews. Is there anyway to report the competitors to google in order to get these taken down?

    Valerie Marbach. Valerie, Unfortunately, in my experience, there isn't much Google does about these types of reviews. Joined Jul 27, Messages I'd suggest email info at reviewfraud dot org with the business names, addresses, phone numbers to investigate the situation and provide better insights on next steps.

    Joined Dec 8, Messages Digitaldar - Jason is Jason Brown keyserholiday Twitter. Joined Sep 12, Messages 1, And is it just this current issue you're working on or others as well? Last edited: Dec 14, Stefan Somborac. Joined May 3, Messages As Linda Buquet wrote, the rules change like the wind!

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    I knew I had read about "review stations" somewhere. The requirement has been moved to the article Cherie Dickey dug up but it WAS part of the review policies. See it here, thanks to the Wayback Machine.

    Does Google Local Search Like Separate Pages for Each City?

    Joined Dec 25, Messages From one extreme at Yelp to another at Google regarding reviews. When businesses get reviews from a majority of customers that have never done on it seems that the informed customer will see through it. If anyone hears of any changes, sure would appreciate an update.

    Create awesome content that can replace that link with yours. Next, inform the authority site owner about the broken link profile and propose replacing it with a link to your post.

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    Building high-quality backlinks takes time. Be consistent with your link-building strategy and look for opportunities to collaborate with local influencers. Online reviews boost brand reputation and act as social proof, encouraging potential customers to use your products or services. As you can see in the screenshot shared below, Google reviews and stars are openly displayed on the 3-Pack. Hence, make sure you ask customers to leave a review for your business.

    Make it easy for them to review your business. For instance, if you send them an email, include a prominent link or button that takes them to your Google My Business profile, allowing them to leave a review. Similarly, you can add a QR code on your receipts, business cards, and promotional brochures, allowing users to leave a review for your business. Finally, manage your negative reviews in prompt and professional manner.

    Every business owner desires to improve business visibility and reputation. However, getting to the top in a local search can be an overwhelming task, especially in the competitive and constantly evolving digital landscape. Use the techniques and strategies shared in this post to rank high in local search and strengthen your reputation.

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