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The new regulation will require mandatory nationwide criminal background screening of all new employees, thereby closing this loophole.

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The new system will be more efficient and more accurate for several reasons:. The emergency regulation will apply to about facilities or programs in the Commonwealth, and will be a condition of receiving or renewing a license to operate. The regulation applies to intermediate care facilities, assisted living communities, hospice program, elderly staffing and medical staffing employment agencies, home health and visiting nurses programs, and adult day cares, among others.

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Why is this necessary? The new regulation requiring a nationwide criminal background check and the KARES fingerprint check through the FBI database are critical tools to fight the ongoing battle to combat elder abuse and neglect. A lot of times when you see elder abuse and elder neglect it is at the hands of health care providers at these types of facilities.

To learn more about the process and what circumstances allow expungement, see this page.

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Kansas allows access to most court records. Civil and criminal court proceedings are largely public, with some cases involving minors and juvenile court generally being confidential. Juvenile records are never public and will never be included in criminal history requests.

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The online public portal at the Kentucky Supreme Court allows the public to search cases in nearly every court in the state for free. This will allow an individual to see the nature of charges, the date and related court procedures, and the outcome. The documents themselves must be accessed in person at the relevant court that retains the record. Kentucky restricts very few records from being accessible to the public.

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Most charges do not have a state-mandated time limit and might appear indefinitely without expungement. Incorrect information on an official background check in Kentucky can be corrected by the Kentucky State Police. The agency will take fingerprints and compare to existing records to identify the error.

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  7. Background Check in Kentucky Sophie Wright. Kentucky Background Check Official background checks in Kentucky are processed by the Kentucky State Police and are available to members of the public, employers, and many organizations. Unofficial background checks cannot be used for official purposes, but are useful for finding out more about: Friends Enemies Co-Workers Lovers Neighbors Relatives Unofficial background checks are done by searching public records through the various agencies that retain documents for public access. The Kentucky Open Records Act permits members of the public to examine most government documents in the state.

    The law requires certain agencies and affiliates to retain documents and make them available. The law also specifies which documents are not public.

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    The law establishes the legal path to uncover documents that are confidential. Background checks in Kentucky are regulated by federal law. State law in Kentucky is permissive of the use of background checks. Individuals, employers, and organizations can request a criminal records search on any Kentucky resident.

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    5. Firearm Background Checks Kentucky. Kentucky only requires background checks for firearms purchases when the sale is initiated through a federally licensed firearms dealer. Private sales are not restricted and do not require background checks. Concealed carry permits are available and require a background check, but are not required to carry a handgun or a rifle concealed in Kentucky. Criminal Laws and Statistics in Kentucky. In Kentucky, legislators decided to expand the hate crimes law to specifically include assaults on first responders such as police officers.

      The law was a reaction to both the shooting of police officers in other states like Texas and the Black Lives Matter movement. The FBI collects data on hate crimes, showing 5, incidents nation-wide in , but does not include a category for uniformed civil servants. National statistics show that hate crimes most often 47 percent target a specific race, followed equally by sexual orientation and religion both 18 percent. Ethnicity comprises 11 percent of hate crimes. Hate Crime in Kentucky. A hate crime is generally an assault or act of intimidation that is escalated to a felony charge because the victim or institution was singled out due to race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

      Felonies are crimes with sentences of a year or more in prison and which carry additional penalties including loss of the right to vote, inability to join the military, ineligibility for subsidized housing, and being prohibited from owning a gun. In many states employers may discriminate against felons who apply for jobs, particularly those that involve working with children, in hospitals, as first responders, in financial fields, and in certain environments like schools, hospitals, and prisons. Look at your record to ensure it accurately reflects the charges, dispositions, and completed sentences by ordering a copy here.

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      Driving Records. If you have had a DUI on your driving record in the past three years, had your license suspended, an accident, or other driving infraction in Kentucky or another state, that record is likely to be seen by a future employer, your auto insurance company, and supervisor if you choose to volunteer to drive for an organization. Double-check your driving record before others see it and correct any inaccuracies. Order a copy here.

      Financial and Civil Reports. The records may also show evidence of identity theft or fraud, such as an individual taking a loan in your name. Check your personal financial history by requesting a copy of your record from these agencies.