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Assessor's Department — Town of Gardiner

De Niro declined to comment. Watkins said. During the trial, each side presented drastically different views of the property, as though trying to price Buckingham Palace if it were in the Bronx. The town countered that the property was a unique, estate-quality home and could be marketed to wealthy buyers who might otherwise buy in the boldfaced backwoods of Dutchess County in New York or Litchfield County in Connecticut.

The town argued that its original assessment had actually undervalued the property, at least according to an appraiser hired for the trial. The trust rejected it and filed an appeal. The town, though, would stand to gain much less than that if it wins, since it receives just 11 percent of the tax revenue.

New York State Treasurer's Office Accounts and Tax Assessment Lists

So far, the Town Board considers it worth the fight, fearing Mr. De Niro would set a precedent for other wealthy landowners. Some Gardiner residents remain sympathetic to Mr. De Niro, acknowledging that he has employed dozens of local residents to build and maintain his considerable property, and saying that he is acting the part of any taxpayer.

Ordered to lie on Table for the members to peruse 1 Lead 28th of April Received the 21st of May 1 The List being delivered, read and ordered to lie on the table. Received the 5th of October 1 Received the 12th of September , no journal entry made of this 1 Received the 5th of September , No Journal entry made of this 1 Read the 22nd of May 1 Also what Persons have paid on the same, received the 16th of September 1 Banker 2 Gerrard Banker - State Treasurer 2 Pursuance to the Law passed in February 2 Treasurers account of the Revenue from the 5th of June to the 5th of June Lott Jr the 16th of March Treasurers account of the Revenue from the 5th of June to the 14th of May General account of the Support of the Government from the 17th day of May to the 13th day of June Excise received of pound tax received the 16th of September Queens County: 6th of June Quota in pound Tax for Securing the Indians.

Deeds (Ulster County, New York), 1685-1902; index, 1685-1931

Orange County: 6th of June Quota in pound Tax for securing the Indians. Richmond County: 6th of June Quota in pound 3 Shillings and 2 Pence Tax. Ulster County; 6th of June Also the 1st of July to the 1st of July , delivered October 7th Account relating what has been Received and Paid on account of Several Taxes, delivered on 10th of October Ordered to lie on Table for the members to peruse. Treasurers account of receipt of payment of the Revenue of Land Taxes of pounds.

General account of the five thousand three hundred and fifty ounces of plate. Received the 21st of May A Memorandum of money in the Treasurer's hands the 22nd of October Account of the Several Branches of his Majesty's Revenue.

Administrative information

Abstract of onlies for Support of the Government of New York.. Received the 5th of October An account of what money has been Received from the farmers of the Dutys on Indian goods to the westward and northward of the City of Albany what wars have paid on account of the farmers. Received the 12th of September , no journal entry made of this.

Town Clerk

Treasurer's account of what Duties have come to his hands by the Indian Trade. Each town has an assessor who is responsible for determining the assessed values for properties within that town.

Ulster County NY Land Records

Questions regarding town equalization rates and individual property assessments should be addressed directly to your town assessor. The phone number of the office of the assessor for each town within the Onteora Central School District is listed below. What is Full Value? The full value also called market value is what your property would sell for under normal conditions. For residential properties, your assessor generally determines market values by comparing your property with similar properties that have sold in similar neighborhoods, giving consideration to other factors possibly affecting market value.

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What is Assessed Value? The assessed value is the assessor's opinion of your parcel's current market value full value multiplied by the uniform percentage of value used in your town.

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Assessed values are used along with the tax rate to compute the tax due for a particular property, before exemptions. What is an Equalization Rate?

Equalization rates are used in apportioning property taxes among municipal segments of school districts. In order for a school district to fairly distribute its property tax levy, the levy needs to be divided in proportion to the total market value of each municipality or municipal segment. This allows for an equitable distribution of taxes based upon the market value of each municipality. What is the STAR exemption?

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Basic STAR works by exempting a portion of the full value of a home from school taxes. For qualifying senior citizens, the Enhanced STAR program provides additional savings by exempting a greater portion of full value from school taxes. As a result of recent law changes, some homeowners will receive a STAR check directly from New York State instead of receiving a school property tax exemption.