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You should always wear a dust mask over your face and work in a well-ventilated area while mixing. When you are familiar with the results of a particular mix, experiment with different concentrations; more dye produces deeper hues and less dye makes lighter shades. I used to wear latex surgical gloves, but now I use the yellow ones from the grocery store or even better, vinyl surgical type gloves from Sam's Club. The vinyl gloves are better than the big yellow gloves because you get the same tactile sense as with the latex and better than the latex because they seem to hold up better in the soda ash.

Also, they rinse clean very easily. My fingernails have broken latex and exposure to soda ash, soap, etc. Soda ash is mildly alkaline. It opens the pores of the cotton to better receive the pigment and, with possible irritation to your skin, will do the same to your hands.

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Wring the shirts completely. Do not rinse out the pre-soak. Patterns and designs are controlled by dye placement and the method of tying. A simple, yet exciting form is the spiral. It is easy to fold and the results lend immediate insight into how the art of tie dye works. Lay the shirt on a clean flat surface. The linoleum in the kitchen works great. Spread the shirt flat, as if it was on a hanger, and smooth any wrinkles.

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Click on the pictures for larger images. Pinch a spot near the center of the shirt, and holding tight, begin to twist.

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  4. Do not lift the pinched spot off the floor. I grab hold and scoot around the shirt in a circle so that I can maintain a steady grip. As you twist, you will notice folds, or pleats, are forming. Try, with your other hand, to keep the pleats a uniform size.

    The tops and bottoms of these pleats will become your dyeing surface. It is normal for the outermost pleats to be a little larger than the ones in the middle, but if there is a substantial change in size, start again. When you are done, the shirt should be twisted into a circle about eight inches in diameter and two inches tall and the pleats will look something like a cinnamon roll.

    The Beaker Life

    There are many methods of binding. I use rubber bands, rather than string or cord, because they are easier. Stretch a rubber band between your thumbs and index fingers to form a long, thin rectangle. Keep your hands wider than the shirt and carefully slide the bottom of your rubber-band-rectangle under the shirt to the middle. When you release the rubber band, it should bisect your circle like the equator on a two dimensional representation of Earth. Repeat this process, changing the direction for each rubber band until you have three to six rubber bands in place.

    At the completion of this step, the rubber bands should be aligned so they bisect the shirt like the lines on a freshly sliced pie. The shirt will have a tendency to fold in on itself. Try to keep it flat. If your rubber bands are too tight, they will bunch up the pleats, making it difficult to apply the dye uniformly. The purpose of these rubber bands is not to tightly bind the shirt to create resistance like in some patterns, but only to keep the spiral form from falling apart while you work on it. Apply the dye with sponge brushes, using the rubber bands like the lines in a coloring book.

    Fruit of the Loom CW - Crystal Tie Dye T-Shirt

    Put one color in each "slice. These different colors will be different arms of the spiral. More color slices create more arms. Try to plan the color placement so that complimentary colors do not touch. Purple and yellow, when they touch, will make brown, where blue and yellow will make green. Start with the lighter colors.

    Dying for Tie-Dye

    When yellow is applied first, and blue is applied next to it, the edge that touches will become a brilliant green. If the blue is applied first, the yellow will have a diminished effect, leaving a greenish blue. Apply enough dye to cover every pleat, but do not saturate the shirt. Too much dye will bleed and run, causing streaks and muddy spots in the final pattern. I use toothpicks to separate the pleats one at a time to verify that I did not miss any of the shorter pleats. When the first side is done, flip the shirt over and repeat the dyeing process, trying to match the colors from the other side.

    Put the finished product on newspaper to absorb any extra dye. As for the flavor, it is strong, but not too strong. The Strawberry Foot By The Foot gives off a noticeable but not overwhelming taste of strawberry, light and sweet. The flavor is kept from being too powerful thanks to the thinness of the product. Though it must be said that he strawberry taste was a bit artificial and almost "electric" in flavor, but it was admittedly tasty.

    As chewy as it is, the product is thin, and this helps prevent you from getting lost in too much flavor, as well as keeping the candy for being overly-chewy. Overall this is a solid flavor, for a solid snack. Fruit By The Foot gives you a lengthy treat to take your time with as you enjoy, and the strawberry flavored variety ensures that it gives you a taste that allows you to enjoy it. When i was a child, Fruit By The Foot dominated school lunch rooms.

    Kids went insane for these things, they loved them. So did i, but i could never get my parents to buy them for me. Sometimes i would managed to trade a pack of Dunkaroos for Fruit By The Foot, as those were one of the few things someone might swap for it and my parents would get me those. Now that i am an adult i can buy myself Fruit By The Foot all i want, and sometimes i do, these are so delicious i still hold a special place for them in my recollections even now.

    The colors and sweet fruit taste draw me in, and i do enjoy picking them up once in awhile. Of course, which one of these 2 popular candy treats is better is down to opinion, but we can still examine the differences. If you think about it, we do much the same thing with both products, but we do it in such a different way that it makes a big difference. In contrast, Fruit Roll-Ups require you to unroll its bundle of stuck-on-candy, and not only is it not as fun as the near endless unspooling that Fruit By The Foot has to offer, but the product often gets stuck on its paper backing.

    The products do seem to have a bit of a different texture and flavor, with Fruit Roll-Ups seeming to have an often agreed upon more powerful flavor and more hardy structure to the candy.

    Homemade Natural Dyes

    Fruit By The Foot also has an added bonus of offering a rather large amount of candy for you to enjoy. In the end both products have their merits, and people enjoy them for their own reasons, and not just those listed here. Fruit by The Foot is a well liked candy with many flavors, advertisements, and fanfare over them.

    Fruit and Vegetable Juice Tie Dye (The art of making dyes with natural substances)

    The reasons Fruit By The Foot has reached such popular heights could be viewed as multi-pronged. The candy is made mostly of sugar, and mixed with its fruit flavors, Fruit By The Foot becomes a rather delicious candy treat to many. The treat is also colorful, invoking pleasing senses to the eye with its stripes of colors. Due to being it being a very long candy, the product it tends lasts awhile, adding to its value. You get to enjoy the novelty of unwinding the product in addition to being able to eat it. Fruit By The Foot, in addition to Fruit Gushers and Fruit Roll-ups, were the subject of a lawsuit against them that claimed they mislead consumers into thinking the products were healthy.

    However the attempt to get a dismissal was rejected by a judge. A settlement agreement was reached in that lead to Fruit Roll-Ups Strawberry flavor having the strawberry removed from its packaging art. Also General Mills agreed that it would add the percent of real fruit used in the product, if it choose to say the product contained real fruit. These changes were implemented before or during the year Here is some information on the ingredients and nutritional value of Fruit By The Foot.

    Many snack consumers are vegan or practicing a vegetarian diet and may wonder about if Fruit by The Foot is acceptable for them. The answer regarding if Fruit By The Foot is vegetarian or vegan really depends on how hardcore you are. Fruit By The Foot contains sugar, and sugar often contains bone char to help give sugar its white color.

    Animals generally are not harmed specifically for bone char, but it is a commonly obtained substance and could be considered an animal byproduct. It can also be hard to know what could be used in ingredients that are labeled as natural flavors. Other then that, there is not much that would violate the sentiments of vegetarians, though hardcore vegans may not find Fruit By The Foot to be acceptable due to how the sugar may have been processed.

    It is also worthy to note that ingredients can change, so reading the label is always important. Here are some commercials to watch featuring Fruit By The Foot:. Here are some frequently asked question and answers for Fruit By The Foot. A: Fruit By The Foot is a long roll of a chewy, thin, almost tape-like, fruit flavored candy that comes on a paper backing. Q: Does Fruit by The Foot contain gluten? However ingredients can change at any time so make sure you read the labels of the food you are eating. A: It appears that Fruit By The Foot potentially contains sugar processed with bone char, but is otherwise vegetarian and vegan.